Jamaican Bad Boys of Comedy Deliver Good Laughs at The Garden

Fresh from a sold-out opening night in Palm Beach on July 10th, the Jamaican Bad Boys of Comedy tour, featuring Oliver Samuels, Drew Thomas and Chris “Johnny” Daley made their second stop at The Garden in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida on Sunday night, (July 18) to a standing room only crowd. Due to unforeseen circumstances, host Oliver Samuels was absent, but comedian Raul Blaze, who is fast becoming a sensation on social media, filled in as host and opened the show by introducing himself and taking a rollcall of Jamaican parishes to see which ones were represented.

The crowd immediately warmed up to Blaze, who engaged the audience with a lesson on Jamaican words, explaining their possible origins and various uses. Versed in five languages, he dropped some Japanese and Spanish, translating to Jamaican dialect to the delight of the audience. Blaze got the audience relaxed and ready to laugh as he introduced the first performer, Drew Thomas.

Thomas greeted the audience and rolled into his slow easy style of delivery, touching topics such as marriage, old age, his dating experience, men aging and his first prostate examination. He had the room in stitches as he targeted one member of the audience telling him how fortunate he was to be married and [he] should thank his wife for dressing him. Thomas had the crowd’s full attention, although he had to call out a couple who was talking at the bar a bit loudly and advised them that there was “a show going on here” and they needed to “shut up”. The loud applause which followed indicated that the audience was totally his as he continued to deliver a series of humorous comments.

Chris Johnny Daley - Jamaican Bad Boys of Comedy Deliver Good Laughs at The Garden

When Chris “Johnny” Daley took the stage, to the music of Busy Signal’s “Jamaica Love”, the energy in The Garden immediately soared, as Daley began to shower praises on Jamaica and Jamaicans, much to the crowd’s delight. He greeted Consul General Oliver Mair, who was in the audience, and praised him as the “first young and vibrant Consular General” who attends every event, from major functions to backyard Bar-B-Ques. He commented that the Consul General should join the PNP as they needed someone like him at this time. The room erupted in rambunctious laughter for minutes, but Daley was just getting started.

Daley was in top form, delivering a rapid barrage of humorous observations, resulting in non-stop laughter. His personal story on how he and his wife keep their marriage ablaze in the bedroom was totally hilarious and proved how he has mastered the craft of stand-up comedy.

Chris commanded the stage and worked the room, quickly responding to comments from various audience members, which generated even more bursts of laughter. “This is one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time,” said Myrtle Williams, who drove from Kendall to see the show in Lauderdale Lakes. Alison Wiggins commented, “It is amazing how much we needed this show, they should really come back soon.” Daley called Drew Thomas and Raul Blaze to join him on stage as he closed the show and shared the final moments on social media with the crowd cheering loudly, totally satisfied.

The Jamaican Bad Boys of Comedy Tour will be making stops in various U.S. cities, Canada and the Caribbean. Look out for them coming to your town soon.