Jamaican Chef Andre Fowles Runner-Up in “Chopped” Championship Finale

Chef Andre Fowles

Congratulations to Jamaican Chef Andre Fowles. Although he didn’t win the “Chopped” Battle of Champions, he represented himself and Jamaica to the best of his ability and earned a second place finish. The winner, Chef Adam Greenberg, made special mention of Andre and their competition in the dessert round, which ultimately played a big role in the decision of the judges, saying that Andre “was such a good competitor…He was a great competitor. He was an honest competitor, He was fair, and I like that. I like that about people that if we both give it our all, we’re on an even playing field.”

Chef Andre Fowles wrote the following note on his facebook page to his supporters:

“The GREATNESS of a man is not in how much WEALTH he acquires but in his INTEGRITY and ability to affect those around him POSITIVELY ” Good day to you all my amazing fellow Jamaicans and well wishers and the world…I sincerely thank you for your tremendous support and love throughout this historic culinary journey all the way to the very last dish…I am so blessed and HUMBLED to be able to present our beautiful island and proud people on such a GRAND stage… I cook each dish with all my heart and an unwavering JAMAICAN pride!!! I Hope i made my country and people very PROUD!!! God bless you all and our magnificent island…please stay tuned, this is just the beginning.. ONE LOVE

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