Jamaican Company Announces Deal to Establish Protocols for Medical Marijuana Treatments

Apollon Medical Formularies Jamaica Limited and Pure Jamaica Island Traders have made an agreement to create structured protocols designed to govern medical marijuana treatment in Jamaica. The deal between the two firms will cover exclusive export of medical marijuana products from the island to other CARICOM nations and global markets. Dr. Anthony Hall, the vice president of Pure Jamaica and a neurological surgeon, is one of the first five doctors receiving certification in Florida to recommend treatment with medical cannabis. Dr. Hall is heading the development of the medical protocols such treatment. He has been monitoring medical marijuana treatment in Jamaica and Florida since 2015. Hall expects that cannabis treatment will expand to include patients with a wide variety of diagnoses and that other Caribbean countries will also broaden their scope of treatment to include the establishment of regional medical cannabis clinics similar to those run by Apollon in Negril. Dr. Hall and Priest Douglas Smith, vice president of Jamaican operations for Apollon, have collaborated for some time. Smith has over 30 years experience as a holistic practitioner and naturopathic herbalist. He believes the agreement between Pure Jamaica and Apollon will help grow the medical marijuana industry in Jamaica and the Caribbean. The approval process for a comprehensive acquisition research protocol addressing medical cannabis therapies in Jamaica has already been initiated by Apollon.


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