Jamaican Company Wins Green Exporter of the Year Award

Jamaican Company Exporter of the Year

Perishables Jamaica Limited (PJL), a manufacturer and distributor of herbal teas, was named “Green Exporter of the Year” at the annual Caribbean Exporter of the Year Awards ceremony on December 5, 2016. The company provides its teas under the brands “Tops” and “Sipacupa Ital Jamaica.” PJL is Jamaican owned and operated and has a 20-acre farm that produces some of the fever grass and dried peppermint used in tis teas. Other raw materials are obtained from more than 400 local Jamaican farmers, suppliers, and processors. If materials cannot be found in Jamaica, the company acquires them from CARICOM and other foreign sources as a last resort. PJL distributes its products in Jamaica via CARI-MED Limited, while its international distribution to Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and the Bahamas is handled through various overseas distributors. PJL packages products for other brands, including Jamaica Country Style (JCS), Caribbean Exotic Gourmet, Nature Fresh, Sonita, Trevita, Caribbean Dreams, Tropical Blends, Eden Gardens, PB Herbs Ocho Rios brand, and Caribbean Sunshine. It also sells ground spices and herbs to Tetley Tea Company Jamaica Limited. PJL has 16 full-time and 14 part-time/seasonal employees.

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