A Conversation with Jamaican Entrepreneur, Lloyd Laing on the future of music technology

This week we have a conversation with  Jamaican Entrepreneur Lloyd Laing who has been a pioneer in seeking out and developing music technology. His newest venture is, a music search engine that has indexed over 13 million publicly accessible audio and video files on the Internet to deliver powerful multimedia search results. Is is being called Music’s Most Powerful Search Engine. Here is our conversation with Lloyd.

What age did you know you would become an entrepreneur.
At age 13 when i was selling tiger lollipops and sweetie on campus at Munro College.

Tell us about your latest project How did you get idea for
Well i have been experimenting over the last few years in big data acquisition, Jamaica Data Mine, ReggaeTop100, and the Global Reggae Industry Average are just a few of the early incarnations. But the goal has always been to create outside the niche box of Jamaican culture. I have always wanted to have a truly global tech startup and i think muigle was just the next evolution of a life long dream.

Tell us how it works and why music lovers will use it? How has it been received by visitors to your site?
Its the google of music, hence the moniker muigle. We started indexing the internet using the Jamaica Data Mine platform in November 2014. By January 2015 we had indexed over 9 million tracks. Currently we have indexed 15 million tracks and counting. Its simplicity and the attractive way it delivers search results has made it popular worldwide. In our first week we got 304,117 search request, with people as far as Japan, Turkey, Russia using the site heavily.

Other than the money what types of satisfaction do you get out of your work?
Well the fact that i am always ahead of the pack is one thing, but Bridging the Jamaican digital divide is another. I have spent 20 years in the Jamaica tech scene, and have contributed to its development, and i feel its work well done when upcoming programmers and developers can take advantage of the opportunities that are now available.

What other project are you working on that you can tell us about?
Caribbean Venture Partners…that much i can tell you now…

As a young man who appreciated all genre of music who is your favorite artist from the 1970’s, 1980’s,1990’s, 2000’s?
70’s – Kiddus I, 80’s- Jack Radics, 90’s – Buju Banton & Bounty Killa, 2000’s – Vybz Kartel, Chronixx, Feluke’.

Seven day, six night, all expense paid, my vacation destination is…
Dubai or Bora Bora

My favorite guilty pleasure is…
2 Pounds of Pork Ribs from Sweetwood Jerk Center.

My favorite Jamaican food is…
Pickup salt fish roast yam and roast breadfruit.

Thanks for the interview do you have any closing thoughts?.
It’s not an easy road
Many see the glamour and the glitter
And think it’s a bed of rose
Who feels it knows
But the Lord help me sustain these blows

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