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On this day in Jamaican history: Wayne Wonder (Von Wayne Charles) was born

Wayne Wonder

On July 26, 1972, Wayne Wonder (Von Wayne Charles) was born in Buff Bay, Portland, Jamaica. He sang in Sunday school as a child, and began songwriting at the age of 13, getting a major career break when he was given a regular weekly slot at Metro Media in Allman Town. King Tubby, produced his first single, “Long and Lasting Love”, in 1985, with two more following. His career suffered a setback when Tubby was killed in 1988, and he recorded for several other record producers at Sonic Sound, enjoying a further hit with the Lloyd Dennis-produced “It’s Over Now”, leading to the release of his first album, No More Chance, although his success in this era was limited. His fortunes improved when he began working with Dave Kelly. The partnership enjoyed a string of hits, starting with “Saddest Day”, and they also worked on Wonder’s second album, Part 2. He also recorded “Bonafide Love (Movie Star)” with Buju Banton, and wrote several early hits for him, including the controversial “Boom Bye Bye”. He toured again with Banton in 1994,

Wonder formed the band Alias along with Kelly, Baby Cham, Frisco Kid, and Frankie Sly, and later Entourage.

In 2000, Wonder launched his own record label, Singso, and his 2000 album Da Vibe saw him begin to incorporate hip hop into his sound.  He collaborated with several other major artists, including Jason Dalyrimple of Soul for Real, Foxy Brown, and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, and the move towards hip hop increased with his 2001 album Schizophrenic.

His career really took off internationally when he signed to Atlantic Records, achieving worldwide success with the song “No Letting Go” in 2003. The song is based on the Diwali riddim, which was also used by several other artists that year, such as Sean Paul, Lumidee and Missy Elliott. The single reached No. 11 in the US and No. 3 in the UK.

“No Letting Go” and the album No Holding Back were a major success on urban radio stations in the US, and this prompted the release of several compilation albums featuring older Wonder material.

Happy Birthday Wayne Wonder.!!!

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