Jamaican Joke – Letter to God

A man became desperate after praying to God to help him. Not seeing any help coming to him he decided to write to God instead.

He wrote, “Gad mi tiad fi pray an yuh nah ansa mi. Sumtime mi wanda if yuh caan hear mi. Suh mi tink it betta fi mi write yuh caa mi kno yuh wi read it.

Gad mi bruk an only a beg yuh 3 tousand dallas. Tanx!”

He went to the post office and mailed his letter to, Heaven District, Heaven P.O.
The post mistress not knowing where to send the letter decided to read it.

Moved by it, all the workers contributed money but could only arrive at 2500 dollars. Regardless,
they sent it to the man

A few weeks later he picked up his mail at the post office, rushed home and was shocked to find only 2500 dollars. He decided to write back to God.

He wrote, “Gad, tank yuh fi di money. Mi kno yuh wida read it but Gad nex time wen mi ask yuh fi nutten sen it inna airmail letter cause Gad yuh kno sey di tiefing people dem wha wuk outta di post affice tief 500 dallas.”