Jamaican, K-Anthony, Wins “Canadian Grammy”

Jamaican K-Anthony, a student pursuing a Masters in Divinity Studies at Andrews University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, received the Juno Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the Year Award for his album, “Arrow.” The Juno Awards are considered t the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy Awards in the United States. K-Anthony was presented with the award on March 24, 2024.

Expressions of joy and gratitude

K-Anthony described his feelings upon winning the award as a mix of joy, gratitude, and accomplishment. For him, the award reflects the years of dedication and hard work that were inspired by his strong passion for music. He noted that the award also allows him to share his message as one of God’s believers and disciples with a wider audience and gives him a platform through which he can bring “the message of Jesus Christ to a dying world.”

Credits his Jamaican upbringing for success

K-Anthony grew up in Falmouth, Jamaica, where he was influenced by the island’s signature reggae sounds. He participated in track and field sports and gained recognition for his talent as a 100-meter and 200-meter sprinter in Falmouth. He missed participating in athletics when his mother enrolled him in an Adventist school, following his high school years, she encouraged him to pursue a degree in music at college, and K-Anthony then earned a BA in music at Northern Caribbean University in Jamaica.

Plans for the future

K-Anthony plans to continue creating his music in the future, collaborating with other talented artists and always striving to reach higher levels in his career. He believes winning the Juno Award will inspire him to explore new paths while continuing his mission to lead people to have a closer connection with God. He advises aspiring musicians to remain true to themselves, have faith in their vision, and never underestimate the importance of hard work and perseverance. “Allow your passion to drive you,” he said, and “trust the journey.”

Photo – K-Anthony