Jamaican lawyer got 200,000, no action, no probate and occupants are selling our land

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

We have property in the hills of St Andrew Jamaica WI. We have a will dated as of 1898-99, The will had been certified as true copy and seems as if all Administration and probate had been carried out but everyone seems to had died including our Mother who seems to be the last survivor as she was the Great grand Daughter of the deceased who had created the will.
The estate is huge as the will described but we cannot access this our inheritance, We paid an Attorney over $200000.00 but he will not act.
Persons who are living on the property have started to divide and sell the Property. We the remaining family members alive who lived on the Property believe that there are things that are needed to be done but we lack the authority or the knowledge.
We therefore seek you assistance. Please help us as the attorneys in Jamaica dont seem to be honest.
RESPONSE: Dear Charles,
We would be happy to assist you. There are quite a number of honest and efficient attorneys here in Jamaica. The first step in addressing your issue is to do some research on your behalf. The research will include checks on any probate or administration done or being done, on your behalf in your absence.
There is a General Legal Council where issues with attorneys are resolved, but we must be sure your attorney acted unprofessional towards you. They can also address the need for a refund where necessary, but before they are approached be sure you are on the right track against any attorney.
In the meantime, you should consider doing an injunction to stop all actions by these persons who seem in your experience not to have any authority.
All the best.
Legal Wiz