Jamaican-Owned CaribShopper Partners with eBay

Caribshopper partners with eBay

CaribShopper, the only e-commerce solution in the Caribbean to provide area consumers with access to billions of items, is partnering with global online mega-marketplace eBay. Mall for the World powers the e-commerce platform, which will allow shoppers in the Caribbean to buy their items from the “eBay powered by CaribShopper” app. Customers of CaribShopper will now have the chance to buy merchandise from the top online marketplace in the world. The vision for commerce established by eBay, which has more than 900 million listings around the world, is to create more economic opportunity for everyone. The offerings on eBay include electronics, clothing, sporting goods, household goods, toys, books, and jewelry, among many others. Kadion Preston, the CEO of CaribShopper, said the firm is excited about opening eBay to the Caribbean and predict it will become a popular shopping site. CaribShopper has been called the “king of e-commerce” in the Caribbean, and the new app will enable shoppers to buy their products directly from more than 100 large retailers like Amazon and Macy’s, firms that would otherwise be inaccessible in the region. All aspects of the ordering cycle are handled by CaribShopper, so customers have a safe, easy and convenient way to do online shopping.

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