Jamaican photographer Ray Chen has passed away

Ray Chen

According to various reports world renowned Jamaican photographer, Ray Chen has passed away. Mr. Chen had the ability to portray the “real Jamaica” in his photographs. Mr. Chen is the photographer and writer of many books on Jamaica. His first book “Jamaica” was one of the most popular photo essay books about the island. Mr. Chen also authored the book Shopkeepers which commemorated 150 years of Chinese in Jamaica. The book is a historical document and a collection of warm-hearted experiences of Chinese Jamaicans. It depicts the tales of the descendants of the Chinese who first arrived in Jamaica, in part, generated by the shortage of labour on the sugar plantations when slavery was abolished. We had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Chen in 2010.

Here are some of the posts in the Chinese Jamaican Facebook page paying homage to the late Ray Chen:

C. Lue – An immeasurable contribution to this Islands culture. He along with Howard Moon Young are among the first generation of Jamaican photographers to document and elevate the everyday to ART and I am sure their work has inspired many Jamaicans to take up photography as a hobby and for some an avocation.

J. Shim – Ray Chen was the author of “The Shopkeepers” a book that commemorated 150 years of the Chinese in Jamaica. May his soul RIP.

C. Chung – RIP..Thanks for the photographic legacy Mr. Chen

Photo Source: Marcia Harford via the Chinese Jamaican Facebook

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