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Jamaican Proverbs on Children

Do you know what the proverb ” Likkle pig ave big ayse.” means? Learn it’s meaning in our Jamaican Proverbs on “Children”. 

Likkle pig ave big ayse.
TRANSLATION:Little pigs have big ears.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Adults should be careful of what they say in the presence of children.

Haad ayse pickney nyam rackstone.
TRANSLATION:Hard ears children eat rockstones.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Children who do not listen learn the hard way.

Haad ayse pickney guh to market two time.
TRANSLATION:Hard ears children go to the market two times.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Children who do not listen have to repeat the same task.

Chatty chatty  pickney pay im pupa debt.
T. Talkative children pay their father’s debt
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Children who talk too much end up suffering consequences.

Ben di tree wen it young, wen it old, it wi bruk.
TRANSLATION: Bend the tree when it is young, when it gets old it will break.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: It is best to start training children when they are young.

Man grow wait pon man.
TRANSLATION: A boy will grow up to become a man.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Be very careful how you treat children.

Ef yuh nuh mash ants, yuh nuh fine im guts
TRANSLATION: If you do not smash an ant, it is impossible for you to find its guts.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: It is only when you are closely involved with some persons that you are able to really know them. If one is not provoked, it is impossible to know the extent of his fury. You can only know someone if you have a close relationship with them; sometimes you have to make a mess to accomplish something. “You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.”

Wha di goat duh, di kid fallah
TRANSLATION: What the goat does, the kid follows.
MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Children absorb behavioural cues from their parents and other significant adults in their lives. We should set good examples for our children.
Children do what they see adults do.
“A chip of the old block.”

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