Jamaican Restaurant Named One of Twin Cities’ Best for 2016

MplsStPaul magazine of Minnesota’s Twin Cities has named its top new area restaurants for 2016. The magazine recognizes “best in class” restaurants, chefs and restaurateurs who show a true commitment to flavor and hospitality, along with innovations in dining that “reinvigorate” the cities’ eating life. Featured for 2016 is the Jamaican restaurant Pimento Kitchen. The story of the restaurant is an all-American story that began with the meeting of two neighbors in Minneapolis: Yoni Reinhartz, a Jewish rap producer, and Tomme Beevas, a Jamaican Cargill executive looking for an MBA project. The duo’s foray into cuisine stemmed from the reality television show “Food Court Wars.” In the Pimento Kitchen’s dining room local five-star chefs like Doug Flicker, Erick Harcey, and Sameh Wadi, and Booker Prize-winning Jamaican novelist Marlon James can often be seen enjoying a meal among the neighborhood locals who come for the One Love bowl – a dish of coconut rice, jerk pork, sweet charred plantains, and jerk chicken. The restaurant offers a welcoming atmosphere and an affordable counter service. Those in the know get a half-order of curried vegetables as a side dish. Future plans for the venue include the addition of a music stage, a bar and a patio in the back.