Jamaican Student Offered Three Scholarships Valued at US$150,000 to Pursue Chemical Engineering

Brandon Chin-Loy Wins Scholarships

Brandon Chin-Loy of The American International School of Kingston (AISK) has been offered three tertiary scholarships valued at more than US$150,000 to study chemical engineering and must now choose between the University of Pennsylvania, New York University Abu Dhabi, or McGill University in Canada. AISK is a Global Center for Excellence in Education and has been offering Jamaican and international students a strong education program for 21 years. The students at AISK and their parents represent 43 nationalities from around the world, creating a diverse multinational community. The school offers three pathways to graduation from Grade 12: the IB Diploma, the IB Certificate, and/or a United States high school diploma. Students may begin their education with the school’s Early Years program, which accepts children from age three. The mission of AISK is to create a learning environment that gives the students the power to control their own education by using the resources made available there. Congratulations to Brandon Chin-Loy on his achievement.


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