Jamaican Synchronized Swimmers To Participate In Central American and Caribbean Games

Four synchronized swimmers from Jamaica will participate in the 2015 Central American and Caribbean Games (CCCAN), which begun on June 22. The synchronized swimming events will occur on June 29 and 30. Two officials from Jamaica will also attend. The Jamaican Synchronized Swimmers in the 12 and under category are Nyouka Baugh and Felice Coombs. Maryann Baker will participate with the 13-15 year olds; while Jamielya Shaw will swim with16-18 year olds. All the swimmers are from Portland and will be accompanied by coach Jun Tochino and manager Jacqueline Neil. Dr, Christine Gabbadon, the chairperson in charge of synchronized swimmers in the Jamaica Amateur Swimming Association, will also be attending, but as a Games judge rather than part of the Jamaica’s official delegation.