Selling Dreams & Unrealistic Hope – Jamaicans being pitched to be an Entrepreneur

I’m getting really tired of seeing in Jamaica this endless push for it to be up to the people to create the opportunities. Everyone being pitched “BE AN ENTREPRENEUR”. Statistically even in the best economic climates its FACT that most entrepreneurs FAIL.  Even with the tools, business degrees etc. How about coupling   that with the fact that Jamaica is not set up to support small business. Where are the loans available in banks, where is the small claims courts to help enforce delinquent payments, where is the tech/Electric dependability needed for most business. Why is it only poor nations expect of their citizens to CREATE the opportunities? Why is it, the nation are not asking WHERE job opportunities are. Why is nobody asking the politicians why its people should be creating jobs and not the government? When major corporate brands are now globalized concerns how come those jobs go to Poland, India, Trinidad, Mexico and not Jamaica?

It helps to keep selling people ‘the dream’ of fast money. Fast money is always a “yaad” ethos. Don’t work for no slave driver work for yourself. It’s all very seductive. And if you fail it’s your own fault. It continues to disenfranchise people further and free’s up the responsibility to those people in power or those few families that hold all the contracts. When will people wake up in Jamaica and realize this Entrepreneur dream is not sold to college kids in the States or Europe; especially when there are so many benefits from these huge corporations from sign on bonus to matched 401k investments to paid vacation/health/dental etc. Most small biz will never get to that stage. It’s a FACT even in the best economy MOST small business fail. But this panning for gold mentality is alive and well in Jamaica… and all that work and $ that your governments (both parties just as bad) have to create jobs is going right in there pocket as they sell you the Trump dream!

Jane Nina Buchanan, Owner Originally from Liverpool, England she started her career as producer and presenter of the SONY award winning show “Streetlife” on the BBC. From radio she moved on to television with seasons as Entertainment Producer for the network Granada TV show,”This Morning” and later “Jameson Tonight” on Sky TV. Headhunted from Sky TV by Sir Bob Geldof and Lord Waheed Alli company at 25yrs old, she was appointed the position of US Producer for Planet 24 Productions. Based out of NYC she coordinated and produced all US strands for the controversial show “The Word” and later, Channel 4’s “The Big Breakfast”. When Planet 24 relocated to LA to produce the successful “Survivor” reality show, Jane decided to make NYC her home and continues to live and work in the media. She has held staff positions at New Video Group/Docurama (Home Video arm of A&E/The History Channel), Disney Theatrical (Lion King,, Mary Poppins and Phil Collins’ Tarzan) Maxim Magazine/Dennis Publishing, and Bad Boy Entertainment with Sean P.Diddy Combs.