Book Review – A Jamaican Storyteller’s

About the Book
A Jamaican Storyteller’s Tale is a well-written story which…Jamaican children, and adults, would find intriguing. The style is refreshing and engaging and the content is an interesting mix of fact and fiction.
Underpinned by common Jamaican themes, A Jamaican Storyteller’s Tale tells the story of a young man intent on saving an aspect of his heritage that is dying—the storytelling. He is heavily influenced by his father’s skill at relating these stories. When this family migrates, he comes face to face with the possibility of losing this part of his heritage—forever. By merging these tales with the story of this young man, Burford skillfully creates a synthesis which captures and tantalizes the reader.

About the Author
Lorrimer Burford holds an MBA (Hons.) from the Keller Graduate School of Management at DeVry University. He has earned diplomas and degrees from the New York University and the University of the West Indies in fields of marketing and mathematics. A teacher, administrator and marketer, this father and husband enjoys writing the stories that were told to him as a child— remembering the good old days and colourful Jamaican culture.


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