Jamaica’s Unemployment Rate Reaches All-time Low: Which Jobs Are in Demand Right Now?

As of April 2023, Jamaica has achieved a significant milestone with its unemployment rate dropping to an all-time low of 4.5 percent, the lowest since the island gained independence. This essentially means that the number of employed citizens now surpasses the number of those currently without work. The recent report released by the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) also highlights four industries within the country that have experienced significant increases in employment. So, what does this mean for university graduates or Jamaicans living abroad considering a move back home?

Directing your focus towards likely job opportunities within these four pivotal industries in Jamaica right now could prove to be a strategic move.

Jobs in Real Estate and Other Business Services

STATIN reports that more Jamaican women are landing jobs in  the industry group, “Real Estate Sector and Other Business Services”. This industry group includes business process outsourcing (BPO), along with business services such as advisors, security personnel, legal and accounting experts. These roles best fit persons with specialized knowledge, excellent communication skills and people management skills. So, if that sounds like you, there’s a great chance you would thrive in this industry. The report notes that the industry welcomed a total of 15,300 new hires as of April 2023, and  as the country keeps attracting international investments, these roles are in hot demand, meaning more opportunities for you to expand your career. 

Jobs in Wholesale & Retail Trade

As more Jamaicans embrace their entrepreneurial spirit, the “Wholesale & Retail Trade” sector saw a boost of 13,100 workers. Whether you’re into running a store, repairing vehicles, or exploring online sales, the demand for retail services, vehicle maintenance, and innovative e-commerce ventures makes this industry ripe with financial and investment opportunities. 

Jobs in Accommodation and Food Service Sector

If you have a passion for making people smile then with an increase of 7,500 employees, the Accommodation and Food Service sector will be a happy career starting point for you. Also Jamaica’s hospitality and tourism industry continue to record incredible success post-COVID, and based on the STATIN report on this sector, more hotels, restaurants, and catering services are on the lookout for skilled persons to hire; think chefs, hotel managers, event planners . If you love making others happy, this might be the career field you should pursue.

Jobs in Education, Human Health & Social Work Sector

Are you gifted with excellent teaching skills or do you value caring for others? The rapid growth of the Education, Human Health and Social Work sector in Jamaica may be your sign to start seeking out job opportunities in this field that aligns with your personality and skills.  The industry saw 6,300 more people being employed as teachers, healthcare workers, social workers and counsellors. 

This remarkable achievement is a testament to Jamaica’s thriving economy and the dedication of both the public and private sectors. As you explore your career options, you should consider these four industries that are currently experiencing robust growth. With opportunities spanning these diverse fields, you will be well-positioned to embark on a fulfilling and prosperous career journey in Jamaica.

Remember, to also stay informed about market trends, continue to improve your skills to increase your chances of employment. 

Photo – Unsplash