Jamaica, A Nation So Strong

Jamaica, a nation so small and yet so strong
Tell me what is your problem; tell me what is wrong
Why do we fight so much against our brothers?
Why do we see it fit to kill each other?

Those of us who are in foreign lands
Refuse to give each other a helping hand
We fight against each other and the world can see
How damaging it is to both you and me

Yet, we refuse to stop and look at ourselves
And to realize that we are hurting no one else
We are a selfish nation, this is sad yet true
and nothing good can come from this for me and you

When are we going to be able to see?
That we need to work together to be truly free?
War, dissension and crimes put us in bondage
But because God is not in our hearts, this we
cannot see

I know we are a nation that is small and yet so
But with this internal fighting, we won’t last long
Here is something of importance that we ought
to know despite the strength that we possess, love is the
only way to go

©2007 Earl Thompson

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Earl Thompson