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Jamaica Trip Report: Day 1 and 2 – Montego Bay, Emerson Paradise Villas, Reach Falls and Boston Jerk Pork & Jerk Chicken

Day 1 – Montego Bay, Emerson Paradise Villas

It was a family reunion. The Jet Blue flight in was great. The staff was very courteous and it reminded me of the old air Jamaica. The passengers even clapped when we landed in Montego Bay.

Our arrival in Jamaica did not start great. The van we rented was in a car accident with a police car on the way to pick us up at the airport. We spent 2 hours at the airport waiting while the rental company tried to arrange for an alternative car.  It was a busy time of the year with some major music events happening in Jamaica.

They finally got us a 7-seater station wagon after checking with some other rental car companies for vans. We barely fit in the car and had to travel with suitcases on our laps.  It was a smooth ride into Discovery Bay.  The drive ended with a welcome sight…our home for the next couple days Emerson Paradise Villas. The kids dashed to the pool upon arrival. Later went out for dinner at a small out door restaurant.

Day 2 – Reach Falls
We were up early for the drive to Reach Falls. It would take us 3 hours to get there. The beauty of Jamaica was showcased as we drove along the north coast. The roads were great until we got to Port Antonio where we encountered major traffic due to road construction and detours. The Reach Falls experience was great. It is a “little” different from Dunn’s River falls. It was more personal as you were not trying to climb up the falls but there was a nice cave. The water was very cold. On the way back we stopped at “Boston” to get Jerk Pork and Jerk Chicken. I was a bit disappointed as this was the “home” of Jerk and we could not find any great Jerk. We tried a couple vendors with no luck.

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