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July 1, 2002 – JAMPACT New York and Atlanta, today launched a fundraising effort to raise a target amount of $25,000US for economic relief and rehabilitation efforts in Jamaica after recent floods. Damages in Jamaica are reported to exceed $20 billion in infrastructure and the productive sectors.

The funds will be raised by solicitation from individuals and corporations in traditional and non-traditional target Caribbean audiences.

The funds will be distributed in the areas of Education, Agriculture and Small Businesses. JAMPACT will collaborate with local resources to assess the damages and disburse the funds as needed. The fund is being established in an effort to promote environmental policy and/or subtainable economic development.



DONATIONS can be sent to:
JAMPACT, Jamaica Impact
P.O. Box 3919
Grand Central Station
New York, NY 10163
Make checks payable to JAMPACT
indicating Disaster Relief Fund
Make a donation


All donations are tax deductible. Call 212-459-4390 for more information.

Jamaica Impact Inc. (“JAMPACT”) is a certified 501(c) 3 non-profit organization consisting of a diverse group of young Jamaican professionals, students and friends of Jamaica.

Our philosophy is to use our collective energies, intelligence and resources, as a catalyst for progress in Jamaica. Our main objective is to make positive contributions towards the improvement of social and economic conditions in Jamaica.

JAMPACT works towards achieving its mission in two distinct ways, through:
– Contribution to the policy debate on economic growth and education
– Tangible contributions to needy organizations in Jamaica

For more information on JAMPACT initiatives,visit our website at

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