Jamaicans.com Love story

Well it all started when I came to Kosovo, Yugoslavia from Syria and tried to find the Jamaican news paper. While browsing, I saw Ja.Com and starting to read all the fun you guy are having. Then I register with the name “The ile man”… I posted on one of the forum, and never got an answer .. So mi seh tuh miself “maybe my name wasn’t trendy enough”.

Suh mi change e tuh TONEMASTER on “pan de verandah…Then when I went back to read it, I was told that, that was the wrong forum, and the post was mooved to “Hailup”…I read what hexperiance peeple seh, han mi put a pos “Anyone from the Waltham Park Rd area? no response. Then I put wan nedda wan seh “anybody know any Andrews or Fagharty, from Waltham etc..The next day. I saw Grasshopper and Keisha21, K21 (a mi shaaten dm name tuh K21, Grass). dem seh “a who name suh”***di 2 a dem facey yuh si**. Henny way sumaddy name MiGranny came on and ask if is the Andrews and the fogarty that were living on Canary cres. I answered and said yes… She sent me an email… Low and behold she was Jaja’s neighbour,, grew up together..

MiGran called her brother in Ja, who contacted Jaja’s father to get her fone numba eena Texus..I got the numba fram MiGran, and called.. The person who answered said she was at work and “who is calling”. I said “I am Glen her brother”.

I went back to my office the same night at 11.00(GMT+1) and stayed all nite, until finally I got her in the morning (11 pm Texas time) she was surprised to hear that it was me after 21 years..Myself wasn’t sure it was her, so I asked certain personal question which she answered immediately and correctly… More to come…..