Johannesburg ANC Disavows Photo of Jamaican Swimsuit Model

Errice Alicia Anderson Jamaican Model ANC
Errice Alicia Anderson Jamaican Model ANC Flier

Jamaican model Errice Alicia Anderson photos was used by the ANC their voter registration campaign.

Jamaican fashion designer Errice Alicia Anderson says she has no idea how a photo of her in a bikini ended up on the Twitter feed of the Johannesburg ANC. According to Anderson, the photo showcases swimwear from her clothing line and represented her home of Jamaica by using the colors of its flag in her design. After the photo was uploaded with the caption “What do make of this new ANC swimwear? #Registration Week #VoteANC,” the organization faced a severe public backlash for its seeming disrespect of women. Anderson said she is not affiliated with the ANC, the ruling party of South Africa, and has no links to anyone or anything in Africa. The ANC deleted the photo and issued an apology for the posting. Jolidee Matongo, a spokesman for the ANC regional, said the image circulated among organization members through a WhatsApp group. Matongo said no official instruction had been made to post the image and that it was not an image of the ANC. In its apology, the ANC noted its history of support for women’s rights, stating “We are not about degenerating woman and depicting them as objects. We apologize for the unfortunate incident.”

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