Johnny lands Abroad

Markdown:Whether you are a visitor or a returning resident the moment you step off the plane a wretched life slowly unravels. In time, your mind will swing like a pendulum dying to go back home and yet wanting to stay. All your once happy-go- lucky views of Canada will soon be lost in the great misery that surrounds you.I write this story for simply one reason. It would be treason against my conscience if I didn’t, for I would not be me anymore, at least, I would not be who I am.As you inch your way forward to the immigration desk, unknown to you is the fact that undercover cops are watching you, suspicious of whether you are carrying ganja strapped to your body or hidden in your luggage.No one is immune from this scrutiny not even those among us that presently work as their civil servants. Oh what a contrast to how we (Jamaicans) welcome them to our shores.The immigration personnel greets you with ‘skin teeth’ then drill you with questions from the assumption that you are entering ‘their’ country illegally, presumably under someone else’s identity.If all goes well, you are then release from your interrogation to the waiting arms of family members and relatives, but they too in time will come to treat you no better than the defendants of colonial powers that you have just pass through.Here the propaganda machinery professes to the new comers how Canada is a multi-cultural society, yet the system expects you to conform to the norms of their dominant culture and not your own. Before long, if you’re not careful you loose yours or at least adopt there’s.Canada’s way of life is a complex system of existing polices base on insidious racist tendencies of prejudice, discrimination and injustice with impose State intervention. No where is this more evident than in the guidelines set out to raise your children. Fail to comply and you’ll land in judicial hot water.The persistent colonial relationship of taking your children should you apply Jamaican style discipline serves to feed their lily white employment establishments. First the child becomes a ward of the state and you become a prison bud.The punishment of criminalizing is to them served as a lesson to be learned rather than an injustice to undo. There polices are not focus on the reason why a child is misbehaving or getting low grades but primarily on the parents behaviour in trying to curve the child.Seek employment in the field of work you did back home and they’ll tell you, you have no Canadian experience. Here there are no equal employment opportunities. Let me say it as it is, that’s just ‘so so’ horse manure. Those who are lucky to find employment work day and night for practically nothing. Every single penny earned goes to the bill collectors be it rent, mortgage, car insurance, taxes, phone, food and clothing.Many of our women find jobs in the healthcare industry as personal support workers cleaning the backside of some old folks for niggardly wages, while the men fear no better, working in factories night and day with hardly nothing to show for it.Drive a car and you will no doubt be pulled over by Babylon for no apparent reason. As soon as you express rage of disaproval they radio for back-up. Your rage is seen as nihilistic rather than a demonstration against their oppressive folly and if you dont play it cool, you’ll find yourself in the back of their crouser or a hearse. No wonder it is often said that predjuice is maximum hatred for minimum reasons.As months turn to years you’ll be choking in the midst of confusion. Paralysed with hardship in so many ways that only the jubliant memories of your homeland keeps you alive.