Learn About the Capital City, Kingston and a Typical Jamaican Town

Kingston is the largest city and the capital of the country. It is the center of business, industry, and entertainment. Over 669,773 people live in the Kingston and the surrounding area making up about one-fifth of the total population. Most people travel around Kingston by either car or bus (referred to as a minibus, which is privately owned).

Typical Jamaican Town

A typical Jamaican Town has the following
– A Post Office
– A Supermarket
– A Few Churches
– A Bakery
– A Bank
– A Farmers Market
– A Basic, Primary, and Secondary School
– Street Vendors
– Cricket Pitch
– Football (Soccer) Field

Most towns have a town square, which is the main bus station and where most street vendors sell their wares. This square is always busy with activity and usually has a statue of a famous person who did something great in that town or for Jamaica.