KNCC Caribbean lawn bowls Championship Recap

KNCC Caribbean lawn bowls Championship Recap 1

KNCC Caribbean lawn bowls Championship Recap

Bank holiday weekend saw a different kind of carnival, as Streatham park bowls Club again took host to the second KNCC lawn bowls event of the year. This event saw World Bowls Ltd recognized countries Holland, Sweden and UAE playing alongside invited teams Croydon and 2 Streatham park teams however The introduction of 2 Jamaican teams now known as the ReggaeRollers gave the event something different. Although Jamaica are not recognized within the governing body of world bowls this would be only the second time the country was represented in this sport but the first time in history it has competed against other countries. All 8 teams were put in one league and would play 7 matches, with the top team taking the title of KNCC international 4s champion.

The day and event was open by the Jamaican High Commissioner Aloun Ndombet-Assamba, who after a short tutorial played the first bowl of the day.

The Jamaica A team managed an impressive 15-4 win over Holland as well as a close 9-7 victory over the Jamaican B team.
Jamaica A 1 v Croydon 15
Jamaica A 4 v Streatham Park A 8
Jamaica A 5 v Streatham Park B 6
Jamaica A 4 v UAE 7
Jamaica A 6 v Sweden 7
Jamaica A 15 v Holland 4
Jamaica A 9 v Jamaica B 7

The Jamaican B team had better results beating all the international teams other than the Jamaican A team. After a first match 11-2 win over Holland the Jamaican B team’s confidence grew and backed it up with a string of good results.

Jamiaca B 11 v Holland 2
Jamaica B 7 v UAE 5
Jamaica B 10 v Sweden 1
Jamaica B 7 v Streatham Park A 3
Jamaica B 7 v Streatham Park B 2
Jamaica B 2 v Croydon 9
Jamaica A 9 v Jamaica B 7

As the competition developed Croydon and Jamaica B became the forerunners to win the tournament, the match between the unbeaten Croydon side and the Jamaica B side which had only lost one match so far would confirm the final standings. Unfortunately the unbeaten Croydon side were just too good for Jamaica and came out with a 9-2 win to seal their place as 2015 KNCC international 4s Champions. The final league standings were

1) Croydon 14
2) Jamaica B 10
3) Streatham Park B 8
4) Streatham Park A 6
5) Sweden 5
6) UAE 5
7) Jamaica A 4
8) Holland 4
‘It was an impressive performance from the Jamaicans beating and competing with world bowls Ltd recognized sides. It proves that it’s not a matter of playing ability which is holding us back from competing officially in the sport but just not having the required bowling federation in Jamaica’ Andrew Newell the KNCC event organizer said.

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