Legendary Piano Master and Jamaica’s Commander Of Distinction, Monty Alexander Remembers Nat ‘King’ Cole

Legendary piano master and Jamaica’s Commander Of Distinction, Monty Alexander, will lead a heartfelt exploration of one of his musical heroes, Nat ‘King’ Cole, later this month in Boston.

Alexander, along with special guests Caterina Zapponi, his lovely wife and singer, and Allan Harris who recorded a Cole tribute of his own entitled ‘Nat King Cole: Long Live the King;’ will lead the ‘Monty Alexander: Remembering Nat ‘King’ Cole’ salute at Scullers Jazz Club at the DoubleTree Guest Suites, 400 Soldiers Road in Boston, Massachusetts on July 25th.

Alexander, whose performances the Wall Street Journal describes as “an outrageously good time,” says Cole became an inspiration from the moment he heard his albums in his parent’s home as a little boy in Jamaica.

He later saw Cole perform live. That performance and music from his childhood left an indelible mark on Alexander. So much so that in 2009, he released his recording ‘Calypso Blues: The Songs of Nat ‘King’ Cole.’

Alexander later played on Natalie Cole’s classic tribute album to her father, ‘Unforgettable: With Love.’

“Non Dimenticar,” Cole’s Italian hit, was lovingly recreated with Zapponi helping Harris on vocals. On the tune, Alexander reprised the lovely, lilting Nat-like piano component that he played behind Natalie Cole on “Unforgettable: With Love.”

Show times on July 25th are 8 and 10 p.m., respectively and the Boathouse 400 Restaurant and Scullers Jazz Club are offering a dinner and show package at $75 per person.

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