Interview With Jamaican Heavyweight boxer, Lenroy Thomas

This month we interview Jamaican Heavyweight boxer, Lenroy Thomas AKA The Heavyweight Savior. Lenroy is fighting his way up the ladder hoping to make Jamaica proud with a Heavyweight title. Lenroy is originally from St. Catherine, Jamaica.

Q: How did you become interested in boxing?

March 13 1999 Holyfield vs Lewis. I’ve watched fights before but after that fight I knew I wanted to be a boxer. It fell on my birthday and that is how I remember the date. I could feel the electricity in the arena and I was at home watching.

Q: How many professional fights have you had?

9 fights

Q: For our readers who do not understand boxing can you explain the road to getting a shot at a title match? How many fights do you have to win to get a shot?

In the heavyweight division you need to win and look spectacular. That’s a sure way. Like Tyson. Just win and knock these guys out. Eventually one of these sanctioning bodies will notice and start ranking you. You have to have a good team and you need to all be on the same page. I’m fortunate to have the legendary Dan Birmingham in my corner. He’s been there and done that so I’m going to listen to everything he says. If you have a good manager and promoter all you have to do is fight and win and everything will fall into place.

Q: Some say boxing, especially the heavy weight division, lacks a personality, like a Mike Tyson, to draw any interest. Do you agree?

Well certainly when you have a character like Mike it’s going to draw interest. But I feel that boxing needs someone humble. Someone that sets a good example for the kids. And hopefully I can be that person. Mike was that at the beginning of his career but as time went on he found himself surrounded with the wrong people especially after his manager and trainer died.

Q: Do you think you have the personality to create the draw of a Mike Tyson, George Forman?

Absolutely, I’m not about the bling or showtiming like a Mayweather. I’m not selling grills either. I just want to be me and make Jamaica proud. Win a title and be real. And hopefully people will like me, if not so be it. I can only be me.

Q: Do you watch International Fighting League (IFL)?

No but I watch the UFC every now and then.

Q: International Fighting League (IFL), kick boxing and other street fighting has gotten popular in the past few years. Many attribute the popularity of this type of fighting to reason why boxing is losing audience. Do you think this trend will continue?

Boxing has been around alot longer and is a proven product. De la hoya /Mayweather did over 2 million payper view buys. Does that sound like a dying sport? Average pay per view boxing shows do about 300 thousand buys. To answer your question I do not think it will continue but time will tell.

Q: Do you think this style of fighting will surpass traditional boxing?

No. Corrales/Castillo, Hamed /Kelly, Hagler/Hearns, Gatti/Ward. Ali/Frazier. You hear about these fights all the time. What IFL or MMA fight do you ever hear people talk about?

Q: What do you think boxing can do to regain its popularity?

Promoters putting on more fights like the ones I just mention.

Q: Which past heavy weight champion do you most admire?

Lennox Lewis

Q: Have you met him?

No I have not had the honor.

Q: Do you know lightweight Jamaican boxer, Glen Johnson?

Yes I have met him. He actually came to watch me box as an amateur and supported me for every fight. Big up to Glen Johnson.

Q: Where in Jamaica are you from?

St Catherine

Q: How long have you lived in the US?

I have lived here since 1998.

Q: What Jamaican foods are you allowed to eat while you are in training?

I’m in training right now and I have not had any and it’s killing me. But you can bet that as soon as my next fight is over you can bet I will be looking for some ackee and saltfish

Q: Do you have any plans to do boxing camps in Jamaica?

I would love to but I also like to make a name for myself so that when I do go back I can reach more people. Imagine how big it would be if the heavyweight champion of the world came home to give clinics.

Q: Any final thoughts for our readers?

Just keep a lookout for me. I’m in training right now with Winky Wright who is training for his big ppv showdown. Check out for updates. Big up to my team Dan Birmingham, Andy Lockhart and Chet Koerner. And thank you for your time.