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Lime Cay – A Hidden Gem

One of the hidden gems of Kingston is the uninhabited island Lime Cay which has clear waters and white sand beaches. It is located just off the coast of the famous pirate town Port Royal. You can reach there by a short boat ride from Morgan’s Harbor at Port Royal. It is popular place with Jamaican yachtsmen and many locals who visit on the weekend.

There is no formal transportation to get there unless you have your own boat or get a fisherman to take you there like many of the locals do. Port Royal is now a fishing village so you will find quite a few fishermen on shore returning from their early morning fishing trip. You can bargain price them. There are organized trips though the Morgan’s Harbour Hotel in Port Royal.

This cay was used in the famous the scene in the Jamaican movie Harder They Come where Rhygin the robber was killed by the police.

It is a great place for snorkeling and you may even find some old 18 & 19-century trinkets or even treasure. Port Royal was hit by an earthquake the destroyed most of the city and caused it to submerge. As many of you know the city was a base for many of the worlds most famous pirates and they kept treasure there.

The beaches surrounding Lime Cay are inviting. During mid week it is best as there is hardly anyone around. There is plenty of shade and even picnic benches. Bring the suntan lotion and pretend you are on you own little island.

There are a few other cays nearby that may also be worth visiting if want to experience the feeling of being on an island alone.

While in Port Royal don’t forget to take a tour of what was once the “the wickedest city in the world”. It is a shadow of its former self however there are some landmarks that still stand as a reminder. Be sure to visit the famous Giddy House landmark.

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