Little Jamaican girl might be molested.. REPORT!


QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
On my last visit to Jamaica, I suspect a little girl is being tormented & molested by her cousin, but I dont want to say anything because the mother is so aggressive. I stay in the same tenement yard where I lived for years. Sometimes in the very late hours of the nights I see a black car come and collect this little girl and drop her off at 5 the following. The little girl looks upset every time they come to pick her up and she always acts scared when I see her.
I think she is a victim of the child abuse I see them talk about on the television.
One time I was passing the car, and a man looked out and told me I was too fast.
What should I do.. I see advertisements about making reports, but I am afraid.

RESPONSE: Dear Sophia,
To tell the truth, if that child is really being abused, and it can be proven that you knew about it, you can gt blamed just the same and even be arrested based on our research.
It is recommended that you go to a police station, maybe outside your area and get assistance for the child. They are trained persons that will be put on to handle any situation that truley exists.
Legal Wiz

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