Local Casting Call in the Wings for “So Enticing” Movie

A December 2017 casting call is in the wings for the upcoming local production of the movie So Enticing. Gothic Entertainment Group and 20/20 Visions Entertainment Group, producers of the film, intend to enhance Brand Jamaica by showcasing the island’s talent, culture, sites and attractions.

Director Joshua Coates says “The cast and crew will be 90 percent Jamaican. We will be shooting scenes all across the island and we are looking for talented Jamaicans to complement a brilliant script.”

Coates goes further to share “When the film is complete, we plan to have an exclusive red carpet event only in Jamaica. Our desire is for Jamaicans to participate in the celebration of the film before it hits the United States.”

The production’s first casting call in December will require professional headshots from interested females ages 15 through 24.

“In December we’ll be looking for females with a background in acting or modelling. We only have roles for four to five male characters, but these we plan to recruit at a later date,” shares Coates.

The producers intend to complete casting as early as January 2018 and commence production thereafter. Dates, venues and other details surrounding casting calls will be provided through local media outlets and via social media in the coming weeks.

Already in talks with several big name actors from the US for the leading roles, Coates is tight lipped about other exciting details surrounding the flick.

So Enticing is based on Jamaican author Colin Don Rose’s first novel released in 2015. It is an original sultry murder mystery set in the US in the early nineties. Earlier this year, the book was re-written into a screen play by Rose for the Jamaican film adaptation.

The author, excited to showcase the visuals of his literary works, believes the film is another opportunity to promote Jamaican music.

“We hope to have a few cameos by popular Jamaican artistes in the movie. Just as well, we are currently putting together the soundtrack. So we are looking for music beds and songs that will enhance an already awesome product,” explains Rose.

With several other manuscripts in waiting, Colin Don Rose has positioned himself to become a major stakeholder in the local film industry. Plans are already in place to produce a sequel to the movie So Enticing.

So Enticing, the book, is available on Amazon and in Kingston Bookshops across the island.

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