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I will be spending more time in Jamaica

I got married last June and my husband and I honeymooned in his home town of Port Antonio. We stayed in the beautiful resort Goblin hill. In our villa we had our own personal cook and housekeeper. We went to the market with her and my husband helped he r pick out his favorite foods to prepare meals (like his mother makes) We had wonderful fruits that we cannot get in the stated. We had a beautiful view of the beach and I “tanned” a little just for an even tone. We went snorkeling and rafting. We didn’t go to too many tourist shops as they were expensive. My husband took me too the local stores in town and I bought better quality goods.

The first 2 days we “honeymooned” without alerting the family of our arrival. Then once we had seen enough of the resort we ventured off into the country (bush) where his family stayed. We spent afternoons meeting his family and eating, and evenings in the towns at the local bars and dancehalls. We visited a couple sound stages and I really enjoyed the variety of music.

While we were there we got a chance to see the home that his Parents (who live in the US) were building for their retirement. I was surprised to find, as wedding gift form them to us, a seperate self contained unit extened off of their home for us. It was not yet finished but when it is we will have a place to stay when we go on vacation .

The only problem I had was when customs would not let me bring home some of the dried spiced. Like cinnamon, sorrel, and nutmeg. that was a good waste of my money. (well my mother in law’s money)

It looks as though I will be spending a lot more time there.

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