The Love of Goat

“Manish wata good fe de datwa”
“Everything criss & curry”
“Ram goat liver mek good manish wata”

Goat meat is a delicacy. It is such a delecay that we eat everything and we use it in every day talk. The head & the tripe is used to make Jamaican Viagra…Manish water.

It is rumored that communities will charter buses to go to funeral to be sure to get manish water. The Jamaican Viagra of the day is a hot commodity & if you mention it will be served at your event you can throw out Jamaican time. People will be sure to be there on time. I knew one man that went to a funeral every Sunday just for goat. And if a weekend approached and he did not have a funeral already planned to attend he would scan the papers or “network’ with friends to be sure he found one that would likely have goat.

“Grow hair pon yuh chest”. Manish water is known to change boys to men & likkle men to big men. Remember the Charles Atlas ads in the comic books where the skinny guy became big & kicked sand in his rival’s face? Well manish water is the Jamaican equivalent. If a man is not performing a wife will try manish water with a tip of white rum.

Most weddings are supposed to be a joyous occasions where you come to show your love for the couple. If the food is not good at any Jamaican wedding most people get upset. Yes, people attend weddings for the food and we as Jamaicans are no different. If the Curry Goat and Manish water is absent or not good you may as well kiss that cash gift good bye. I have even seen people take gifts back.

“Hey Jimmy lang time. The last time mi see yuh was at George’s wedding”
“A lie dat, me neva go a dat wedding”
“But mi an yuh did sit a di said table”
“Tap tell lie pon mi man”

Yes people will deny even attending you event if no goat was served. You can even show dem pictures and they will deny it is them.

No event is complete without manish water. Your event is remembered by the goat or the lack of it.