Love And Marriage

To you whom Love has brought together
Let no one, no circumstance
no jealousy, no misunderstanding,
rent asunder

May your days together be
filled with wonder and with love
And each morning be a new awakening
to the joys and challenges of life

As you bask in the warmth of the
sunlight at your door
so too hear the music of the raindrops
on your roof

In times of trouble (and they will come)
hold each other close and dry each
other’s tears for soon you will laugh again
and dance with sheer abandon

Give each other room to breathe
to grow, to discover their unique self
For Love does not stifle.
It does not suppress

Love nurtures. It encourages
Love is proud to see you soar
It holds you close but sets you free
to be your best and most authentic self
Love and marriage should share the same name

About the author

Pauline Graham Binder