May Pen Hospital Receive Patient Monitors Valued at Over $1 Million: Paediatric Services Boosted

Paediatric services at the May Pen Hospital (MPH) in Clarendon have been enhanced through the donation of two patient monitors valued at over $1 million by charitable organizations, Angels of Love, Jamaica and McLymont Helping Hands Children’s Foundation.

Paediatric Consultant at the MPH, Dr. Curtis Pryce explained that a patient monitor examines the heart rate of a child and the oxygen level in the patient’s blood. He added that the patient monitor also performs Electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring and comprehensive vital sign monitoring of the patient, which allows doctors and nurses to monitor and deliver treatment in a more timely and focused manner.

“The patient monitors have made the jobs of the doctors and nurses easier as we are able to respond more effectively and efficiently. This will certainly boost the service delivery of the Paediatric Unit” Dr. Price added.

The Paediatric Consultant pointed out that the first patient monitor was donated to the hospital in May 2017 by the McLymont’s Helping Hands Children’s Foundation while the second equipment was handed over on Wednesday, June 14 by Angels of Love, Jamaica. Dr. Price commended both organizations for their dedicated support to enhancing children’s healthcare.

For Regional Director of the Southern Regional Health Authority, Mr. Michael Bent, support from charity organizations have been essential in contributing to nation building, particularly in critical areas such as health.

Mr. Bent noted that while the Authority, which has responsibility for healthcare in the parishes of Clarendon, Manchester and St. Elizabeth aims to provide effective and efficient healthcare, support from charitable organizations and corporate Jamaica is always welcomed and appreciated. The Regional Director lauded the organizations for their continued support to the May Pen Hospital and encouraged them to remain steadfast in their mission of inspiring and enriching the lives of children.

Established in 2009, Angels of Love, Jamaica aims to provide support to children in need in areas of healthcare and education. The organization also provides support to disadvantaged, underprivileged and vulnerable children in Jamaica.

The McLymont’s Helping Hands Children’s Foundation is a non-profit organization which focuses on helping children in need. The Foundation also places emphasis on providing support to children with educational needs.

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