What do the boys say when the ladies cry Come over here darling mek mi dry yuh eyes
9 months later, when a baby’s on its way, what do boys do
Tell the young mothers that they will see them soon
What do the girls do weh see the rich old men
Call them daddy and beg to become their friends
A few months later after the big mans divorce and him
Wallet empty, what do they do
Tell them the wild ride as crash to an end
What about those who walk in twos and crews
With all them so call bad man friend surrounding them
They find themselves facedown in a pool of blood killed
By there non-other so-call bad man friends
Then you find those that go to school but after that lazy fi wok
Yes we know what they do, use their bodies
As a drug mule then get arrested and abuse
You have those politicians that promise you the world
And only see action come election time
We live in a world filled with problems and issues
Mysteries and histories but
What you make out of this world is what you’ll get
Don’t try to run the system and don’t allow it to run you
Be wise, be together, and be strong
We survive when we help fight off each persons enemy

Medley Feels No Pain When There’s Love

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