Meet the Jamaican family living in Africa sponsoring 100+ young Jamaicans to visit Ghana

Meet the Jamaican family living in Africa sponsoring 100 young Jamaicans to visit Ghana - Anderson-Family-Exploring-Legacy-Ghana

Are you ready to explore your African birthright? Meet the Anderson Family! The family of 5 traveled full time for the last few years exploring and discovering our ancestry and lineage. The journey took them to over 30 countries where they spend a month at a time exploring and connecting to their roots… The family now resides in Ghana, West Africa where they provide purposeful Tour experiences for those on a journey of self-awareness. They are also founders of the Exploring Legacy™ African Birthright and Rite of passage experiences in Ghana. The foundation serves by providing free trips to young adults 18-25 years old on the journey of connecting to their ancestral past, present, and future! Here is our conversation with the Anderson Family.

Andersons a Jamaican Family in Ghana

Good day Ike and Natalee. Thanks for taking the time to have a conversation with us. Where in Jamaica are you from?
I am from Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth, and my wife Natalee is from St. Ann’s Bay, St. Ann.

Tell us about the Birthright & Rite of Passage initiative?
The Exploring Legacy™ Birthright & Rite of Passage foundation was established to assist young adults between 18-25 of African descent create a better future through the power of experiential journeys throughout Africa.

The mission of the foundation is to create and implement a mix of self-discovery + connecting to one’s true self, fun & ancestral immersion. Having this sense of who we truly are help in how we make decisions and move throughout our lives…

Our Family’s life-changing experience in Ghana led us to relocate and founded the foundation. The core program is a 10-day Rite of Passage/Birthright program…

This experience is 100% FREE of cost to those who wish to participate!

Jamaican family living in Africa sponsors 100+ young Jamaicans to visit for the inaugural Exploring Legacy™ Birthright & Rite of Passage trip to Ghana

How did you come up with the idea of the Birthright & Rite of Passage initiative?
I actually had a dream (yes, in my sleep) about creating a program for myself and friends when I was about 10 years old… I thought it was impossible at the time so forgot all about it.

My forgotten memories started to awaken during my visit to Ghana in 2018. As I experienced my own rite of passage, I knew this was a part of the legacy we had to create for others to undergo to help the youths connect to their true selves! So we are just doing the work we are guided to manifest and bring forward.


How are the recipients selected?
The recipients are randomly chosen from a pool of applicants directly from our website. The process requires the applicant to write a short essay or send a 60 second video of why they would like to be considered for reference.

How has the project been funded so far?
The project is being funded by an endowment from our family, as well as donations from friends, and some corporate partners.

If someone wants to help with the project what do you suggest they do?
We encourage and appreciate all volunteers worldwide! If you have a special skill or talent that the group could benefit from or can help administratively speaking, we would love to hear from you.

You can volunteer by completing the volunteer registration on our website at www.exploringlegacy.com/rite-of-passage/

Also, you can help by donating to sponsor a participant! “One one cocoa full basket” You can do so from the link above as well.

Are there plans to expand the project beyond Jamaicans?
Yes, absolutely!

We have created a comprehensive global approach using zones to strategically manage the flow and support for the entire community as we launch:
Zone 1 – The Caribbean (Jamaica, Haiti, T&T, etc.)
Zone 2 – The Americas (North, South & Central America – USA, Canada, Costa Rica, etc.)
Zone 3 – Europe (Including the U.K)
Zone 4 – Asia
Zone 5 – Australia & Oceana (New Guinea, Fiji, New Zealand, etc.)

However, we a guided to start with Jamaica! Maybe because it’s where it all started for us!

Meeting at the Jamaican Consulate in Ghana with Honorary Consul Osei Bonsu

Meeting at the Jamaican Consulate in Ghana with Honorary Consul Osei Bonsu

You have traveled extensively across the world and Africa with your family. What have you learned from your travels?
Lots, but to summarize in 3 points:

1) The only limitations we have is the ones we put on ourselves
2) As Jamaicans, we are destined to play a role in the freedom and liberation of minds, especially those who forgot their birthright…
3) As humans, we have more in common than we have differences. Honor the similarities and respect the differences.

Complete this sentence. Growing up my hero was…

Evelyn Anderson, my Grandmother

The book, movie, or song that changed your life?

Cool Runnings… LOL… Long story behind this.

I feel happiest for the day when I

Impact one life in a positive way

Ike Anderson Ghana

Ike Anderson in Ghana

Thanks for the interview. Do you have any final thoughts for the readers of Jamaicans.com?
Yes, life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets! So, love the people who treat you right, forgive the ones who don’t, and know that everything happens for a reason! If you get the chance, take it! If it changes your life, let it!

No one said it would be easy, it was only said it would be worth it! We are honored and grateful to be able to serve our community!

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