My Memory of a Boys Champs

Its day three and the final day of Boys Champs. By all accounts it is going to be an epic battle to the very end and only then this year’s champion will be crowned. Much anticipation is in store. Despite the vicissitudes of the past two days the defending champion Kingston College lead in the points standing is only marginal. C-Bar is in hot pursue and so too are St.Jago, Clarendon College and Jamaica College but with one full day’s event to unfold the winner of the Mortimer Geddes Trophy can be anybody’s guess. For some pundits it will come down to the final race, the Medley Relay but for every student it is their school that will ultimately prevail.

The Grandstand is full, the bleachers jam pack, yet hundreds of school children and adults are still being ushered through the turnstile into the already over crowed stadium. Perspiration streak down the faces of those waiting in the hot boiling sun as hands flashes sweat from brows; impatient they are as men from the neighboring community of Nanny Ville manned the queues, while pickpockets discreetly hustle among the crowd and amid peddling sky-juice and kisko vendors.

A cellular ring, instantaneously everyone searches their garment to locate their phone. “Wha a gwan, you reach in yet?” inquires Thelma, a hottie hottie medium size female clutching the phone to her ears and yapping above the chatters, “Aright then A soon get in.” Clicking the phone off she replaces it in her shorts’ side, revealing her dark toned skin laced with tremendous sex appeal, while the luscious curves of her hip exposed thus allowing her thong to play pickcabo with my now penetrative lustful eyes..

Each buzz of excitement within the stadium creates a surge from those waiting outside. Everyone wants to get in much faster than reality permits .No one seemingly wants to miss out on anything… Inside, the glare of the sun beams upon a magnificent display of colors that dissected the supporters of each Alma Mata throughout the circumference of the stadium. The beat of drums rolled and bugles blew, as voices in unison shouted, “ Fortis Fortis are we yes also Cedere Non Potest are we in it well I guess, ra ra KC, Yes, Yes, Yes Horaaaay!” ending with pandemonium cheers from males and females deck in purple and white attire.

Seated to the eastern side of the Grandstand and in front the Finishing Line in the Bleachers Area is this multitude of Kingston College supporters, to their immediate right, a sea of green and black clothed arch rivals from Calabar High, followed by Camperdown High, Jamaica College, St.Elizabeth Technical, Clarendon College, St Jago, Wolmers, Vere, Dinthill, and others, until the entire stadium is engulfed with supporters from every competing school in this year’s Boys Championship. They were all chanting in jubilation as the school names are called in the order of the point standings.

KC 58 points, Calabar 55, JC 50, St. Jago 47, Clarendon College 44 and the announcer continued until all the schools were called and points announced. Paraphernalia of all sorts are everywhere showing a masterful array of creativity and are just as competitive as the athletes in their events. Several purple & white balloons tied to one green & black balloon floated in the air, a symbol of K.C. power. Umbrellas, banners, T-shirts and pam- pams, hats and caps, school jerseys, whistles, horns and drums insignias of every school are all around.

No sooner had I settled in an orange war started. The execution was far from perfect, the glitches like missed targets and sporadic throwing were reminiscent at times of years gone. In this act harm is not intended nor is the trowing prolonged and so just as sudden as it started so it ends, as supporters of each school revert to their chants.

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Kharl Daley