Mi Cry Fe De Rock


Mi cry fe de rock, fe we land ah wood an wata
Mi cry fe de bloodshed, the innocent ah get slawta
Mi cry fe de pickney weh nah go live to see tomorra
An mi cry fe de innocence dem tek weh forevva

Mi cry fe de rock, we get sell out by de politician
Terty US dalla is de price of owa nation
an afta dem milk we dry from ovaprice an taxation
dem run weh lef de people fe ded from starvation

Mi cry fe de rock, we sell we soul to de devil
Man ah bawl out an say de place fe get level
Life so hawd it seem we island rule by evil
How we ah go fine redemption wen we nation get cripple?

Mi cry fe de rock, in dis howa of need
In dis time of trouble, who will lead?
Every man fe demself, the motivation is greed
An we cry, as de man dem slawta we seed

Mi cry fe de rock, from de depths of mi soul
Mi cry fe de rock, from dis battamless hole
Mi cry fe de rock, can we turn back de clock?
Mi cry, mi cry, mi cry… fe de rock

Jazz © May 2010

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Jazz Clayton