Mi did waa go foreign

Mi memba di day mi left Jamaica fi com a foreign
Mi aunti tell mi late inna di night fi pack caa mi a go next day
Mi did so glad lawd mi tun fool an all a sing
Mi neva even get fi seh bye to mi frien cross di street name cay

Adid mi, mi father cousin an uncle inna third class
Yuh shoulda si mi a Miami with mi head full a different color bubbles
Mi memba mi cousin go try find bathroom and get lass
Wi search and search an ask people lawd what a piece a troble.

From Miami mi come a boston and wi drive unda one
bridge wid wata pon both sides
Mi seh mi look n look till my yeye dem get tired
Di buildings dem deh way up inna di sky and mi neva si suh much
different color people inna mi life
Mi start school right away an who tell mi fi show up inna iniform
Di American pickney dem mek fun a mi till mi ball
Mi granny mek mi wear dem same way an even mek mi wear shoes n socks
when di res a pickney dem a a bling out inna nike and addidas

By di time mi mek it to high school mi lan likkle job
A from deh day deh, mi start tek care a mi self
People up yah hard and rough
Always deh pon di run noh even have time fi seh hi
If you drop dung a road dem walk pass yuh, and death
Up ere is as normal as getting high

From mi come, mi nuh climb no tree
Nutin nuh free, mi nuh feel nuh breeze, all mi hear a police ambulance and siren
Mi just surrounded by violence and crime.
Mi go out a road fi draw-up hop-skotch and play with mi cousin
andPeople walk by and a look pon wi funny

Di pickney waa do big ooman stuff a cuss bad-word and a wear make-up
Talking bout girl I think he’s cute you should holla
Bout all dem waa is a man with money and car who’s a balla
Mi haffi look up to di sky and seh, help mi faada.

Nuh matta how much yuh work, yuh caa relax and be happy
Lawd da place ya dreada dan dread, mi waa gu bak home to mi roast yam and saltfish
Jackfruit, neeseberry and star-apple. Mi coconut and mango tree.
Oppurtunity deh ya yes but eh hard fi ketch, yuh haffi be di best of di best if yuh waa success
Mi only have 1 life fi live a mi noh waa spent it a stress and work all day,
So mi betta-off a gu bak home if that’s di case
Caa di more money yuh come round a more problem yuh face.

About the author

Natalee Martin