MIND SHAPER, a book of poetry, Prayers and Patois,

About the Book:
MIND SHAPER, a book of poetry, Prayers and Patois, connects us to one another in this rapidly, global cultural integration. Your experiences will go from simple emoting to showing an eminent capacity to reason. Education, in its broadest sense, is found more on the outside of a classroom than within its four walls. The exploration, observation and connection to the things that attract our attention the most, are the things that free us from the bondage of not growing to our full potential. The hardship we ‘suffer’ in a classroom, however, often gives us the fortitude to create a healthy balance in making wholesome choices in the future for ourselves and the minds that we will shape. 

Enjoy the spirit in which MIND SHAPER is written; one that brings home reality in smiles of what we know either can and sometimes will happen or serious reflection. Further, I dare readers to attempt to read BRAWTA.



Mind Shaper is one of the most fascinating books that I have read.  Jennifer Lumley has done herself proud by approaching the complex task of shaping the minds of the next generation through the publication of this excellent collection of poems with a distinct Caribbean flavor. Mind Shaper is bound to thrill if not captivate the reader from start to finish.  It is a trailblazing work from a woman who is clearly informed about the subject.
Rev. Newton Gabbidon, President – Intercessory Prayer Ministry International, New York City    

“…readings from MIND SHAPER was like being taken on a guided tour to some exquisite places! And like all enjoyable journeys, your senses are stimulated and your mind is shaped by the trip. Your book is a treasure trove of well done pieces”!
Henry A. May, Author – First Black Autos


About the Author:
Distinguished orator and writer, Jennifer has ably excelled in both the reading and writing of Jamaican Patois as well as the most polished English. She dabbled in Spanish & Latin at Montego Bay High School in her early years while absorbing the Jamaican sunshine. The Author makes a conscious determination to orderly arrange the contours of life choices necessary to be more enlightened and to perform above expectations. Well traveled, she later became favourably disposed to the New York lifestyle. She is a graduate of Marymount College, NY.


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