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More than the average tourist

It’s been over ten years since I have travelled to Jamaica. My guide and friend is a native of the country so I probably got to see more than the average tourist. I stayed with his family in the beautiful area of Manchester. We ventured to areas such as Milk River Bath, May Pen, Ochio Rios, St. Ann, and Alligator Pond and Dunns River Falls…. I enjoyed the fresh air, relaxed atmosphere and the hospitality of his family and friends. I remember the clearness of the water and multitude of stars at night and the fresh (sometimes spicy) foods.

After our ten day visit, it was time to return to the states. I remember holding his mother and crying because I didn’t want to leave. My guide and friend is now my husband and the father of our three children. He has been back on several occasions and has told me of the many changes. Because of my schedule and responsiblities, I have found it difficult to return, but I am looking forward to planning our family trip for the summer of 1999, and I look forward to one day retiring in Jamaica with my husband. Ire, JPC.

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