Mr. Vegas Ends Dancehall Career to Fulfill Promise to God

Jamaican dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas has decided to end his successful career to make good on a promise he made to God. Vegas stated that his decision has nothing to do with seeking publicity or following anyone. Noting that it was not something he could plan and that it wasn’t a feeling that just came over him. According to Vegas, “I just think it’s more of a guilt, something playing on my mind, more of a promise” he made to God in December 2015 when he confronted one of his fears – that of being killed while on an airplane. On a flight to France, he promised to serve God “in fullness and truth” if the plane landed safely, and as he was preparing to fulfill his promise, Lady Saw received her calling as well, and he delayed his transition because he didn’t want to be accused of competing with her for attention. Vegas said that he “got connected” by listening to some gospel songs when a feeling came over him and reminded him of his promise to God. He realizes that some promoters will be upset with his decision, since he has several performances in the works, but that this part of his life will just have to work itself out. He has no worries about how his critics will view his action. He is committed to making good on his promise. “They going to say him a try get attention or how him can’t find nuh big tune, him a follow Lady Saw or him a follow whosoever … but none of them can’t save me.”