Ms. 2006

Tell us about your reaction when you heard you had won Ms. 2006?

It is not unusual for me to wake up many times in a given night. The contest was due to end at midnight, and I had gone to bed. I woke up around 2:00 AM and realized that the results might be in, so I went upstairs to see. When I clicked on the vote post, I saw the red bar way over to the right next to my name. I just sat there in the chair staring at the screen for a while. I wanted to call someone, but I don’t know whom I could have called at 2:00 in the morning that would give a hoot that I was now Ms. So I settled for going back to bed with a little smile on my face.

Did you consult with last years contest winners?

What did you think when you first heard about the contest?
I think it’s a fun idea, sounds like something that Tropicana would have thought up.

Why did you enter the contest?
For the T-Shirt of course!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you feel about the boardites voting you as the winner?
I’d like to thank them all. Many of them were people who have gone back to lurking, but they came out of “retirement” to vote. I also appreciate all the wonderful PM’s I got around this time.

What does being Ms./Mr. mean to you?
It means a chance to reach out to people across the board and having a “tourist/adoptee” in this position helps to bridge a gap, I think.

What would you like to see in the next contest?
A Mister….I’m going to have a lonely reign.

Did you have any idea you would become a part of the online community?
I had hoped so….there were some rough times some of the years I have been on here, but I’ve tried to reach out, and I hope it is working.

What were thoughts of the forums when you first visited?
I first became interested in the writings and adventures of Bill Evans and Sienna in Westside Wanderings. I was fascinated and found the forums to be a treasure trove of information about Jamaica and a wonderful place for fellowship with other hooked individuals. No one in my real world understood.

Where in the world are you located?
Memphis, Tennessee

What advice do you have for Mr. and Ms. contestants for next year?
I hope that you and your competition run as respectful a campaign as Queen B, Just Blue, and I did. We had fun, and supported each other. I would like to thank both of these ladies for being a class act.

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