My cousin claims my dad left him the Jamaica land he left me in a Will
QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
My dad left his lands in Jamaica to me by a Will. I went to Jamaica and went to one of the lands and found a cousin of my cousin living in a board house there. This cousin of my cousin living there told me that my father left that specific land for him in a Will, but I have the only Will left by my father. I already cleared up the balance owed for taxes, and got a copy of the Title. What can I do, or can I send you a copy of the Will so you can help me? 
Gretel Brown
RESPONSE: Dear Gretel,
You will need to seek to have the Will probated through the Courts, or to apply for Letters of Administration so you establish your legal rights to the lands. Afterwards you can seek to have the Title transferred to your name, where applicable. To do this a locally-based attorney-at-law can be contacted on your behalf, as there are some aspects that (s)he must address. For example the Will in your possession will need to be reviewed to see if it is legal and valid. That aside, there is some ground work that our team can do for you. You will be contacted by email for further discussion.
Legal Wiz

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