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My wife and I split for over 14 years, I dont want her to have any part of the house

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

I read your column every week, and I must say as brief as they are they teach me a lot. I too have a question though. My wife and I are divorced for at least 14 years now. In fact, I live in Florida, and she got remarried and lives in Jamaica. We haven’t been on good speaking terms since. I called her recently to tell her that I needed the title, as I wanted to sell the house we own as joint tenants. She told me she spoke with an attorney and she was told she is entitled to a half.

I find this strange, as since the day her name went on the title when we were newly weds she showed no interest at all in the property. It has been locked up for over seven years, and I had to even pay someone to rid squatters. I once asked her to visit the property, and had to give her directions from here to go to the property, as she didnt even know where it was.

There are huge bills by my son whom I permitted to stay there, at one point under her supervision. She didnt visit, call or made no efforts until I asked her to carry his girlfriend who stayed after he migrated for America,  to Court. left there and I alone have to now be trying to find a way to pay them off.

Parnel Edwin

RESPONSE: Dear Parnel,

From what you have outlined, it seems you alone can acquire the title in your name only by adverse possession. However certain statements you have made will need further processing, and follow up checks made on your behalf. You are welcomed to speak further with an attorney with sound experience, which you can access through our network.

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