My Beloved

Today I stand beside you and declare
To family and friends that you are
My Beloved
You are the one my heart loves
You are the one He chose for me
When you walked into my life
All the shadows fled away
And the sunlight flooded in

Your kisses are sweeter than jackfruit
Softer than ripe mangoes
Your arms are a shelter from the storms
That rage around me in this life
You bring me herbs from your garden
Rosemary, basil and thyme
You fill my room with flowers
Orchids and fragrant Lilies
You have made me rich with the
Bounties from your field

I will bear your children
And bathe you when you are sick
I will make our home a refuge
Where no hurt can come inside
I will love you simple, pure
And unadorned
For you are my Beloved
You are the one my heart loves

About the author

Pauline Graham Binder