Nanook UP! United Purpose Tour – Creative Incubator in Kingston to Launch First Cultural Arts Tour of Europe

The UP! United Purpose tour is a curated display of Jamaica’s unique, creative and cultural arts industries. It is a traveling caravan of eleven artists, all of whom are exceptional in their own fields, venturing into Europe from July 2nd to August 23rd 2015 to bring a complete Jamaican experience to the open markets. The intention of the Up!Tour is to create priceless, interactive moments through the arts, exchanging cultures and connecting worlds for a lifetime. An additional aim is to promote Jamaican cultural tourism and build bridges from our island to the World by encouraging all we meet to visit Jamaica for the UP!Festival and other cultural experiences.

Nanook, Kingston’s first creative incubator, has selected this group of creative individuals (e.g. painters, dancers, fashion designers, writers, a yoga teacher and a culinary artist) from its community and is uniting with them on this cutting edge multicultural exchange, with various activities planned at more than fifteen different locations in Germany, France and Spain. Artists such as Matthew McCarthy, Italee, Daniel Thompson, Jik-Reuben and many more have come together to make this initiative possible. The activities of the UP! Tour will include live art, exhibitions, dance performances, auctions, fashion shows, book readings, cultural workshops and much more.

The Up!Festival will take place in August 2016 and will be a community inclusive event focused on empowerment through a collective showcase that connects the world to the authentic Kingston cultural scene.

Please support the United Purpose Tour by directly contributing our sharing with your networks…you will be helping to make it happen!! You can check out the United Purpose Tour Crowdfund Page .

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