I need name change, new passport without claiming marital life

Dear Legal Wiz,
Hi, I am in a spot which I think I need legal actions but first good advice, I am married to an American woman that I am having issues with. We are not married for long so I am not able to get a divorce as yet, but I am in an uncomfortable spot wherein I was married before to a French citizen, so I have translation issues.
Then my passport just went expired, so now I need to get all my papers to to redo my passport and in order to really have it done quickly. I have to claim my marital status which I really would like to change and avoid right now until it will make sense…

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Here is how I can explain it further….
I dont have a French passport. I was married to a French citizen who filed a divorce from France so the papers are in French, I got married to an American without actually doing anything about the papers, I gave the documents in French to the marriage officer but really, I must have it translated to be my status properly updated with the Government of Jamaica to process anything for my wife and myself.
Now since recently my passport expired and I must renew it.. but now I must still update my marital status in my application for the new passport which I cannot do right now because I still have not had the papers translated because I am waiting on another copy of the original from my ex wife by mail, then I am also sharing my issues with my present wife which is not very comfortable and I feel like I am in a grip and would like the best option for now, since I cant get divorced right now until another year, which may be the Deed Poll, so if I change my name even for a moment , I can have a new passport without claiming to be married to her and also get to do normal business like simply identifying myself, or even travelling if I need to, until things get better between me and my present wife.
Please let me know what is your best advice on my situation, if you understand what I am saying.
Thank You

RESPONSE: Dear Ryan,
Your story is quite interesting. However the attornies who reviewed your issues have determined that what you are seeking to do is illegal, and as such they can offer no input.
If you wish to otherwise act according to law, which might be detrimental for your relationships, then contact us again. As a start, please remember that to do a deed poll, you must declare your marital status.
Legal Wiz

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