Man can’t get order for squatter ex-girlfriend in Jamaica

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz, I have an exgirlfriend, turned squatter to get rid of. I had a woman and asked her to leave my house. She sneaked back in one night and now refuses to leave. I took her to Court and the woman told the judge my title was obtained by fraud, so the judge threw out my case on the very first day. I still cannot believe it. What do I do know.
Sam Talbeith

You definitely need an attorney and fast. Its strange that without even a trial this was a decision made and perhaps you should look into making a formal report afterwards. That is after you have a clear understanding yourself of what really happened in Court, and a good start is speaking with the Clerk of Court.
The parish Judges however cannot entertain matters where a claim for fraudulent title is made. What they usually do is refer that matter to the Supreme Court. So its strange that not even reference was made to the Supreme Court.
Before anyone can take action, the issues must be made clear so please go visit the legal aid clinic.
Legal Wiz


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